SB Seed Germination

Seed Germinators and Seed walk-in rooms are designed to use in performing seedling process in laboratories. A seed germination machine provides controlled environment for propagation of seeds, incubation, seed germination and development tests. In this equipment, temperature, relative humidity and light are managed to create essential conditions responsible for adequate seeding.

Seed Germination Principle

The aim of seed germination is to inspect thoroughly the viability of seeds. To explain it more, seed germination is a process by which we examine how many seeds are able to grow and produce a satisfactory crop. Seed germination results are also used in seed labeling, certification and sowing purposes.

Seed Germination Chamber

It is cabinet type equipment; which generally comes in single and double door models and the chamber capacity 6 Cu. Ft. to 15 Cu. Ft. or more.

Walk-in Seed Germination Room

Working principle of a walk-in room seed germinator is same as seed germinator chamber. It is the size and capacity of inner space that make difference. When there is need of large seed germination process, walk-in room type seed germinators seem best option. In such equipment, provision of entering a man is given. A man can enter in walk-in seed germinator room and examine the seeding status closely.

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At SUNIL BROTHERS, we design and manufacture seed germinators in variety of sizes and configurations meeting all design qualifications and technical specifications in order to achieve precise test results. These equipment are used in medical science, agriculture, forestry, as well as environment science. Our units have been acclaimed by many industry experts and recommended as the finest and cost effective seed germination chambers worldwide.


Advanced Cooling Refrigeration Corrosion resistant exterior and interior
CFC free insulation Microprocessor based controls
Fluorescent lighting Single and double door as required
Germination test in both hot and cold cycles Safety thermostat to prevent over heating
Heavy duty caster wheels Unique air flow assurance
Digital display for temperature and humidity Precise test results


Seed germinators often known as Seed Germination Incubator systems, provide accurate solution for seed germination process. These units feature advanced insulating, lighting technology, excellent climatic control and programmable microprocessor control system. Below mentioned are some of excellent features that make these seed germinator units most suitable for laboratory, agriculture and other applications.


These units are available with four different models which have been classified with capacities of 170, 285, 340 and 442 liters respectively. However on demand new custom designed equipment are also manufactured with required capacity.

Temperature / Humidity:

Our seed germinators provide precise temperature control from 5°C to 50°C (as required) with accuracy of ± 0.5°C. The humidity range varies from 10%RH to 95%RH as per required temperature. This varied temperature range makes the equipment ideal for various applications in research centers and laboratories. Temperature is controlled by microprocessor based controllers and displayed on high contrast LCD display.


These equipment comes with durable double walled construction, where exterior wall is made of powder coated 304 grades stainless steel. Inner chamber is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and provides the appropriate climatic and lighting conditions for seed germination testing applications. Polyurethane insulation minimizes heat loss. Doors come in solid construction or with tempered glass with magnetic gasket. Shelves are made of painted steel wire, easy to lift out and easy to clean. Depending upon models these shelves are provided from 2, 3 or 5 in numbers. Extra shelves are available on demand.

Refrigeration System:

These equipment incorporate high quality continuous running refrigeration system which ensures precise temperature control by alternately cycling refrigerant this also extends compressor life, and eliminates the risk of ice buildup in the coil. Compressor is used only branded featuring low noise level (<60dB) and minimal vibration. Solenoid valves have an extended stem for quiet and long life operation. Evaporator coil is ceiling mounted and incorporates twin air circulation fans in an aluminum housing.

Lighting System:

These seed germinators use high frequency fluorescent lighting and equipped with high quality up to 6 fluorescent lamps that use up to 25% less energy than ordinary fluorescent lamps. This high efficiency lighting system features long operating life and enables users to regulate the light output to the exact level required.


Model SB-SG170 SB-SG285 SB-SG340 SB-SG442
Capacity (Liters) 170 liters 285 liters 340 liters 442 liters
Capacity (Cubic Feet) 6.0 C. Ft 10 C. Ft 12 C. Ft 15.6 C. Ft
Product Type Seed Germinator
Temperature Range 5°C to50°C
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ±1°C
Temperature Precision ±0.1°C
No. of Chambers Single / Double Chamber
Temperature Controller PID Controller
Relative Humidity Range 10% RH to 95% RH
Humidity Natural humidity with water inside
External Construction Powder Coated 304 Grades Stainless Steel
Lighting Fluorescent Lamps
Doors Solid and Glass Doors w/ magnetic gasket
Insulation PU Foam
Shelves Painted Steel wire
No. of Trays 2, 3 or 5 as required (Extra Trays Available on demand)
Refrigerant CFC-free refrigerant
Compressor Any Branded Compressor as required
Evaporator Finned tube
Heater Kanthal A-1 Tubular Heater
Timer Automatic
Alarm Audio / Visual Alarm for temp & humidity deviations
Display LED / LCD Display w/ Backlit
Optional – Remote Monitoring
– Caster Wheels
– Temperature chart recorder
– Dot matric printer
– PLC controller with HMI
– RS232 port
Certifications CE and ISO
Power Supply 220 Volts


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